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  1. Jim Smith says:

    Hi, I have a 1973 Eldorado. Trying to get the exhaust pipe nut out of the cylinder I rounded it off a lot. Can still get a pipe wrench on it but I’m afraid of rounding it off so much I won’t get the nut out at all. Any ideas, maybe heating the nut real hot. I’m not sure what to do as not to do any damage to the jug. Thanks

    • joeguzzi says:

      Jim, That’s a tough position to be in. I’ve seen it a lot though. Penetrating like Liquid wrench or PB Blaster works great. I would soak it for several days, re-applying the oil regularly. Heat the head around the nut with a propane or MAP torch. The problem is, if it’s that seized, the damage to the head may already been done. Is it one or both sides?

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