Updated Shift Linkage for Moto Guzzi

After years of sloppy shift linkage I’ve come up with a simple, clean and durable replacement.


These link rods come with an adjustable range fron 2 3/4 inches to 3 1/4 inches center to center. I had to trim the bolt down 1/4 inch on each end to work on my 850t but I didn’t have to my my T3. Take a mesurement of your existing rod. I can trim it for you or you can do that yourself, it’s up to you. I include the reverse thread jam nut so you can chase the threads after cutting. I only use the one jam nut so the linkage doesn’t bind. I also include 2 6mm nylocks and a standard 6mm nut for thread chasing.
The current price is $35. plus $6.50 shipping and handling anywhere in the US. Please contact us for international rates.