v7-sport-sale-016-300x200Each restoration is tailored to suit the owner’s riding style and planned use. I start with a complete disassembly of the bike. All components are examined, measured, and determined whether they are to be retained, rebuilt or replaced. All aluminum cases are media blasted and then “triple” washed. The engine components are then cleaned, machined if necessary and then balanced to enhance performance and drivability. Transmissions and bevel drive components are thoroughly cleaned then closely inspected. All worn items are replaced and then the units are reassembled to factory specifications. Frames are powder coated, as well and other structural items. Chrome pieces are re-plated, finished aluminum is polished using a 7 step process. Wheels are disassembled, cleaned, straightened, hand polished and then reassembled and trued using hand polished spokes and plated nipples. Brake shoes are arced to match drum diameter to reduce “bed in” time. Stainless fasteners are used in most non-stress applications and new zinc plated bolts, of appropriate hardness replace existing original structural fasteners. Carburetors are media blasted, then ultrasonically cleaned and rebuilt to factory specifications. Paint work is sublet to shops that are held to my high standards.

All of the above services are available on an “ala cart” basis. I can rebuild or enhance your components to whatever finish and performance level you want to achieve.